Video: VAG front engine subframe bush tool from Laser Tools

Extract and refit the two-part engine support steady-bar bush as fitted to the front subframe of some VAG models

Video: VAG front engine subframe bush tool from Laser Tools

This new tool kit (6250) includes components to seal off the side of the aperture to enable easy extraction and insertion of the bushes.

The tool also allows the job to be carried out without removing the subframe from the vehicle, making this a considerable time saver for the workshop as well as making it a one-man job.

The kit combines all of the components needed to extract the existing bush, then line up and fit the new two-part bush swiftly and easily, keeping the two halves of the bush in alignment to that the steady bar can be slotted back in without any fuss.

If an ordinary puller were to be used, the two-part bush will jam in the steady bar aperture as it is withdrawn; similarly a new bush will jam against the aperture as it is inserted.

Available now, typically priced at £361.96 + VAT, but remember to check for the latest prices and special offers.

Key Features:
  • No hydraulic press required
  • Application Audi A3 from 05/2003 Audi TT 08/2006 to 06/2010,
  • Seat Altea from 03/2004, Leon from 05/2005, Toledo 111 from 04/2004 to 05/2009
  • Skoda Octavia from 02/2004 to 12/2010,
    Volkswagen Caddy 111 from 04/2004 to 08/2010, Eos from 06/2006, Golf Plus from 01/2005, Golf V from 10/2003 to 2009 Golf V1 from 10/2008, Jetta III from 08/2005 to 10/2010, Touran from 08/2003, Passat from 03/2005, Scirocco from 05/2008, Tiguan from 09/2007

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