Dirty car interiors pose coronavirus risk for mechanics, study suggests

Viruses and germs stick to hard surfaces such as steering wheels, gear sticks and door handles

Dirty car interiors pose coronavirus risk for mechanics, study suggests
Certain areas of a car’s interior are hotspots for bacteria to grow, if the car is not regularly cleaned.

Coronavirus Covid-19 could be transmitted through car interiors as motoring experts warn the average vehicle contains more germs than a toilet seat.

Viruses and germs are brought into a car when they stick to hard surfaces such as steering wheels, gear sticks and door handles.

Research by Zero Deposit Car Leasing found that just 47 per cent of British motorists clean the inside of their vehicle if it appears dirty.

Experts are warning that it could mean car interiors risk spreading the Covid-19 virus to passengers and technicians working on the vehicle.

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Tom Preston, managing director at Zero Deposit Car leasing said: “We all know it can be a chore to clean both outside and inside the car.

“However, even if your car looks clean and tidy, there may be bacteria and germs lurking that could potentially be dangerous for you and your family’s health.

“You wouldn’t leave your house for three months without cleaning it, so you shouldn’t with your car either – especially when you’re using it every day, as well as travelling to a range of different places.”

New analysis from Zuto has shown many drivers admit to leaving their cars with dirty mats or with mud on the seats and floors.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, a Zuto spokesperson said: “Cars are often neglected when it comes to cleaning, as it’s not a job that sits at the top of our lists. However, letting the grime pile up inside could potentially make you sick.

“We also recommend keeping some hand sanitiser and anti-disinfectant wipes in your car, so you can wipe down any spillages and keep your hands bacteria-free.”

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    Peter Fearnley

    I certainly have seen some dirty cars & that’s the dirt you can see does anyone recall the dirtiest car pics in this column a couple of years ago?

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    Mickey Kredel

    Since the outbreak we are asking customers to turn off the heating and air conditioning system so air is not blowing when the key is turned on and asking that their be no open drinks , straws , food etc in the vehicle we enter with gloves on and wipe down the steering wheel , shifter and door . Along with spraying Lysol onto their keys in a bowl when they arrive.

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    Dirty car interiors?

    How about all…


    ALL car interiors!

    Just because your car is “clean” doesn’t mean the virus isn’t all over the dang steering wheel, in the headliner, all over the gear selector, radio, and basically everything else we touch in EVERY vehicle.

    People just don’t get it…

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    This is y we at ga autos use gloves seat covers and floor mats we also clean door Handel’s steering wheels gear mobs and brake levers when we enter and leve car

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    Lisa Felter

    I agree Jay. People are really stupid with everything. Just make sure washing HANDS that is all!

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    My son had a customer with a car filled with trash. The worse part? The customer told him to be careful because his pet tarantula was in there …. he was serious.

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    Brian Pitts

    Customers need to be more aware of the current situation & more vigilant about cleanliness including car interiors. If they can’t do this simple thing, garages may have to close their doors leaving car owners in a very vunerable situation. Older people are not going to be using public transport so rely solely on continuous maintenance providers. Garages are the backbone of the transport service. Keep clean & stay safe

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    people still coming in to grab car parts tho aint they !!!
    what part of nessasary items like food and medicine!!!!!

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    Carl Watson

    BG Products BG (Powerflow Ltd) have a “Air Con Bomb” which contains hospital grade Biocide that kills over 99% of all known germs, viruses and bacteria. Yes Coronavirus is within that 99%, but as for 100% guarantee it kills the Covid strain no-one is going to be able to get that proved right now but the virus is broken down by washing hands with soap and none of these guys are shouting about it either.
    We have taken the decision to drastically reduce the price of this product to help garages carry out the service on every vehicle. If you are staying open for key workers or even just due to demand and see the benefit of protecting your customers and staff please get in touch [email protected] and we will do our best to help you.
    Stay safe everyone.

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