Garages sceptical of new engine decarb services but recognise profit opportunities

GW readers share their views and experiences on engine decarbonisation

Garages sceptical of new engine decarb services but recognise profit opportunities
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A recent GW reader survey has highlighted an increasing need for engine decontamination services, even in the face of some industry scepticism.

The survey received around hundred respondents to the five questions.

The results indicated that 98 per cent see some degree of carbon build-up on customer vehicles, with half of those responding that they see the problem on at least half of the vehicles entering their workshop.

While 56 per cent recognised that treating this issue could be a potential profit opportunity for their garage, 65 per cent were sceptical of treatments which claim to remove carbon build-up.

This scepticism was initially shared by Tim Hartley of Kettering Motorist Centre, but after 18 months with their EDT machine Tim simply couldn’t believe how effective it was, saying: “I remember a particular customer with a Mercedes E-Class who drove off and came straight back.

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“I was worried because I thought, ‘What’s gone wrong?’ but actually he just wanted to shake my hand because he couldn’t believe the difference.

“It’s added a very real revenue stream into the company.”

The EDT unit heats and pulses a light mineral oil in and around the engine’s oil system, which breaks down the carbon, sludge and wear-abrasive material and vacuumes it out through the sump via a one micron filtration system.

The process is quick -lasting 13 minutes -and fully automated, which enables the technician to take care of other jobs around the workshop while they’re waiting.

By ridding the engine’s oil system of contamination,the new oil is able to do the job it was designed to do.

With less friction in the engine, the vehicle benefits from better fuel economy, increasing MPG by up to 26 per cent, as well as a smoother, more responsive drive with a performance enhancement of up to 6 bhp and 7ft/lb of torque, lower emissions by up to 69 per cent and CO and diesel smoke reduced by up to 58 per cent.

Of those surveyed, just 36 per cent have a machine which restores fuel economy, CO emissions, engine performance and drivability; 31 per cent manually strip and clean engines when necessary; 30 per cent use an engine flush, but 29 per cent don’t offer carbon removal services to their customers at all.

EDT’s managing director, David Holmes, said: “I believe that the survey has revealed a lack of consistency on how best to treat the problem of carbon build-up.

“An overwhelming majority of the survey’s participants regularly see carbon build-up,but many do not deal with the problem comprehensively: engine flushes barely ‘touch the sides’ of the issue.

“We understand why 65 per cent are sceptical towards the wide array of solutions on offer, which is why we actively encourage anyone who has had a treatment to review us on TrustPilot, and we offer on-site demos to prove its effectiveness in person.”

EDT Automotive has 202 five-star reviews on Trust Pilot and has decontaminated more than 118,000 engines in the UK.

What’s more, there’s no capital outlay required. Instead, EDT offers a ‘pay as you go’ plan which is often a far more palatable proposition for garage owners.

For further information about EDT Automotive, select ‘more details’ below or call 01233 712341.

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