£600,000 worth of sports cars destroyed in garage fire

Shocking images show the aftermath of a raging fire which destroyed ten luxury vehicles

£600,000 worth of sports cars destroyed in garage fire
Firefighters had to leave the building to tackle the blaze from the outside when the roof of the garage caved in.

Garage staff managed to save eight sports cars but were unable to rescue the remaining ten, valued at over £600,000.

The cars were being repaired at Central Sports Cars in Stourbridge when an inferno destroyed them.

Eight fire crews attended the incident.

West Midlands Fire Service commander Wesley Williams said: “We had reports of a fire within a vehicle repair shop which contained luxury cars and luxury car items.

“We got here in a fast time to stop the fire spreading further and contained it.”

The fire is not being treated as suspicious.

Eyewitness Harry Wood, 54, said: “The staff worked really hard to save some of the cars.

“But it quickly became too dangerous to go in and get the rest.

“They looked devastated. To see those beautiful cars reduced to blackened mangles of metal is such a shame.”

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