Andy Savva announces ’emotional’ sale of Brunswick

The visionary garage founder told GW that he's achieved his goals and that the time has come for him to move on

Andy Savva announces ’emotional’ sale of Brunswick
Andy Savva stuck to his beliefs and proved that ambition and hard work can lead to success.

Andy Savva founded Brunswick Garage in 2010 with the belief that independent garages can rival national chains and main dealers on customer service, technical expertise and facilities.

After five successful years, during which Brunswick is reported to have achieved up to 20 per cent year-on-year growth, Andy last week announced that he has stepped down to take on a new role in his own industry consultancy business.

A private investor completed the sale on December 1st.

“It’s been quite an emotional week, I didn’t think I’d ever sell it,” Andy explained to GW.

“We started Brunswick in 2010 at the worst possible time when the country was deep in recession.

“For an independent to invest £450,000 in the business, excluding the building, well people thought I was crazy but I wanted to prove that there is life in an independent garage but you have to work differently.”

Andy puts his success down to focusing his business and making substantial investments in training but said that now was the perfect time to move on.

“You can’t be everything for everyone,” he added.

“You have to focus on a specific area or on one or two brands of vehicle and I’ve proved that you can do it and you can charge a good price.”

Andy has accepted the new investor’s request that he to be a partner in the business, maintaining the garage identity.

“It’s been a fantastic journey and it’s been a great experience.

“We’ve turned customers into friends and I had a great relationship with all of my suppliers.”

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