Apec handed brake disc installation rules

Failure to follow installation rule will lead to poor performance says Apec

Apec handed brake disc installation rules
Apec installation rules.

Apec braking, leading braking supplier, has issued guidance to technicians fitting brake discs.

A number of Apec brake discs are handed to aid cooling as per the original disc.

Failure to follow disc rotation installation rules, Apec say, will lead to poor performance and possible brake judder.

Apec references affected

DSK2003 / 2004 DSK2777 / 2778 DSK3108 / 3109
DSK2308 / 2309 DSK2827 / 2828 DSK3110 / 3111
DSK2310 / 2311 DSK2830 / 2831 DSK3112 / 3113
DSK2556 / 2557 DSK2883 / 2884 DSK3126 / 3127
DSK2726 / 2727 DSK3061 / 3062 DSK3135 / 3136

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