Garages can only predict the unpredictable, Auto Advisor reports

Independent garages are facing numerous challenges and opportunities, claims repair comparison website

Garages can only predict the unpredictable, Auto Advisor reports

As one of the fastest growing garage networks in the UK, Auto Advisor is gaining a key insight from its member garages, many of whom are faced with key decisions over significant investment in their business.

Alex Taylor, Auto Advisor founder, explains: “We’re seeing from our growing network a demand from motorists for an increasingly wide range of services and this has become harder to predict and cater for, without significant investment.

“Investment in electric vehicle competency and ADAS are just two areas widely discussed within the network, against a backdrop of the proposed ban on diesel, petrol and hybrid vehicles brought forward to just 15 years’ time.

“Already the level of expertise and investment in staff, technology and equipment at independent garages is up there with main dealer networks.

“Garages must see a return on investment if they are to progress and we’re seeing many raise their labour rates as a result.”

Changing purchasing habits

Auto Advisor was set up by motor factor personnel, following in-depth research with independent garages about how the trade responds to the changing purchasing habits of motorists.

It claims comparison websites are used by millions of people each day to buy insurance and utilities and are now the go-to place for consumers.

Auto Advisor brings new customers to garages and aims to become the UK’s fastest-growing garage network.

The service offers numerous benefits to garages, including the reduction of time and the expense of advertising often spent to gain new business.

Auto Advisor also focuses on sourcing quality customer leads for garages within a set local area.

The website will be increasing garage aids to help mechanics with technical bulletins, data and training courses.

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