Watch: AutoAdvisor advises garages on MEYLE steering and suspension

OE part differences compared in new video

Watch: AutoAdvisor advises garages on MEYLE steering and suspension

AutoAdvisor has released a new video review featuring steering and suspension products from the MEYLE-HD range.

Carried out by founder, Alex Taylor, the review highlights key differences and improvements made by the aftermarket specialist, MEYLE, to reinforce and optimise the design of its product range to make parts more durable and reliable.

First, Taylor looks at a stabiliser link, which is a part that is most likely to fail as a result of poor road conditions.

By comparing the MEYLE-HD product with the original part, Taylor detects key differences, most notably, the aftermarket part’s ball pin diameter, which has been increased by 50 per cent to reduce service pressure and wear – improving the part’s load carrying capacity and service life.

MEYLE has also added a blue clip for additional strength, as well as a high-quality rubber sleeve which protects against dirt and moisture and makes it ozone resistant and weatherproof.

The part also has a greater bar diameter than the OE product and is zinc nickel plated to enhance corrosion protection.

Taylor then compares a front control arm – designed to fit to Audi A4, A6 and A8 models – which is another common failure due to poor road conditions.

By optimising the strut mount bushing and inner sleeve, MEYLE has made the bush longer to spread out the load capacity, while using extremely long-wearing plastic ball joints sockets and optimising the rear bush.

This strengthens the rubber to metal compound consistency, ultimately increasing service life, safety and driving comfort.

Taylor said: “Companies like MEYLE commit substantial time and effort into the research and fine-tuning of specifications by carrying out several protype and quality tests before manufacturing products.

“Just by looking at the parts, it’s clear to see how they will benefit the motorist in the long run as they will last longer and will result in less recurring failures.”

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