Avoid engine damage with OE quality filters

Abrasive particles form a grinding paste that causes wear and damage, experts warn

Avoid engine damage with OE quality filters
The Sogefi oil filter range.

The advice comes from Sogefi Aftermarket, who say a new generation of advanced, integrated oil filter modules with cartridges offer extended service intervals, improved efficiency and additional functions such as oil cooling and pressure monitoring.

The new generation of oil filters are easy to replace, weigh around 300g less than spin-on types to aid fuel economy, contain more recyclable materials and leave no messy oil behind to dispose of.

Fram, CoopersFiaam and Purflux replacement oil filters, from automotive filter leader Sogefi, effectively sift out foreign particles, to maintain the quality of the oil circulating in the lubrication system and in other vital components such as the turbocharger which will contribute to protecting engine lifetime.

Nigel Duffield, Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Sogefi Aftermarket, said: “A non-OE quality oil filter will feature inferior materials and design, reducing its efficiency and durability.

“Therefore long term and short term, fitting OE quality filters guarantee a well-protected engine – saving possibly very expensive repairs in the future.

“Regular replacement ensures efficient lubrication of the engine, ensuring preserved performance and engine lifetime.”

The Fram®, CoopersFiaam and Purflux brands each offer more than 225, original Sogefi oil filter references delivering 97 per cent parc coverage – eight of the UK’s top ten selling cars of 2014 were equipped with a Sogefi filter module.

Each brand offers a complete range of advanced, OE-quality, automotive air, fuel and cabin air filters, covering all major American, European and Asian car makes.

The UK’s top selling cars: Sogefi’s original equipment in full
No. 1 Ford Fiesta ·         Oil Filter
·         Diesel Filter Module
No. 2 Ford Focus ·         Oil Filter
·         Diesel Filter Module
No. 3 Vauxhall Corsa ·         Oil Filter Module
No. 4 Vauxhall Astra ·         Oil Filter Module
No. 6 Nissan Qashqai ·         Oil Filter Module
·         Air Filter Module
No. 7 VW Polo ·         Oil Filter
No. 8 Fiat 500 ·         Oil Filter Module
No 10 Nissan Juke ·         Oil Filter Module

To find out more about Sogefi Aftermarket follow the ‘More Details’ link below.

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