Barrow Community Garage to open in November

Mechanic Tom Henderson says the garage is for people who deserve a second chance

Barrow Community Garage to open in November

A not-for-profit community garage set up to offer apprentices a fresh start in life will open its doors on 6 November 2023.

The Barrow Community Garage is the brainchild of Thomas Henderson, a mechanic with 22 years’ experience, who has secured funding to move into premises at the former Lloyds Motor Services in the Cumbrian town.

Thomas told Garage Wire: “We have decided to offer training to anyone in the area instead of focusing on ex-offenders. We also hope to be hosting community events such as lift hire days and giving a proportion of our profits to local sports clubs.”

The trainee mechanics will include Gary, who Thomas met at college while refreshing his skills after taking a year out.

He said: ”Gary has gone through a recovery scheme and it was inspiring to see how mechanical work has focused him on staying clean. I thought it would be brilliant to offer people the chance to turn their lives around and start a garage with some keen people wanting to learn the trade.

”Gary will be one of the first apprentice workers we will be taking on, followed by another two, supervised by myself and another qualified mechanic.”

Barrow Community Garage will provide traditional servicing and repairs, MOT testing, tyres, exhausts, batteries and diagnostics.

As a CIC, the company will exist to benefit the community rather than private shareholders. The company’s assets will only be used for its social objectives, with limits on the amount of money it can pay to shareholders.

Click here to learn more about Barrow Community Garage.

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