Boost profits with a tread depth gauge and pressure probe

REMA TIP TOP's new Bluetooth tread gauge and tyre pressure probe lead to increased sales during trials

Boost profits with a tread depth gauge and pressure probe
TIP TOP TREAD is a unique Bluetooth tread depth gauge and tyre pressure probe.

TIP TOP TREAD is a wireless car tyre inspection system that, in around one minute, provides an accurate report on the condition of all four tyres via Bluetooth transmission.

It produces a unique and easy to understand graphical ‘tyre audit report’ that allows the customer to see exactly what the technician sees, giving a clear indication of whether the tyres or wheel alignment require attention.

The data is automatically transmitted via Bluetooth to the workstation ensuring the data is accurate and error-free.


The data generates a colour audit report, designed to assist the technician in explaining the vehicle’s tyre condition and why they are recommending a given course of action to the customer, be that replacement tyres or other required work.

The system also helps identify wheel alignment and other problems that can adversely affect tyre performance, these are made visible in report and help lead to higher sales.

Customer data is stored within the system and can provide a useful prompt in the future to advise on scheduled service work or provide a courtesy tyre and wheel health check.



As well as increasing tyre life, improving safety and reducing fuel costs, the TIP TOP TREAD system can significantly boost sales which will soon return any investment.

During trials, garages reported a significant increase in sales on tyres and tyre/wheel servicing.

The kit includes TIP TOP TREAD and an Asus notepad, a package which this month featured in the GW offers bulletin, click here to view the promotional code.

For more information about REMA TIP TOP, click ‘more details’ below.

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