Bosch revamps parts and workshop websites

Bosch deliver two newly updated websites for technicians and consumers

Bosch revamps parts and workshop websites
The revamped sites improve user experience and make information easier to find.

The move reflects Bosch’s continual approach for parts, bytes and services for the automotive aftermarket.

Mark Heard, Bosch Marketing Manager, UK and Ireland Automotive Aftermarket, said: “The two new websites are a huge improvement in terms of user experience and allowing readers to find what they are looking for.

“Recognising the need to separate the parts and workshop audiences, so that parts can appeal to both trade and consumer, while Workshop World focuses on garage owners and technicians is integral to our success.”

Bosch Auto Parts is aimed at both trade and consumers and provides useful resources including videos to consumers on how to fit and select parts correctly, such as wiper blades.

Features and benefits highlight Bosch’s USPs for parts and gives readers the option to delve deeper into the technology behind Bosch components.

With its focus on consumers as well as trade, there is an easy-to-find link to Bosch Consumer Service (BCS) as well as a ‘news’ and ‘extra’ section, providing news and information on Bosch’s popular workshop reward scheme, called extra.

The modernised Workshop World site has been designed as a one-stop shop for garage owners and technicians, providing all the necessary information on training, equipment, latest innovations for garages and the extra reward scheme.

There is also a complete specification on each piece of equipment, which previously could only be viewed via print brochures.

In the ‘news’ and ‘extras’ section, access to Bosch’s Auto Intelligence, a digital version of Bosch’s magazine provides information for the modern workshop, market developments, new technologies, vehicle innovations and component innovations.

To find out more about Bosch, click ‘more details’ below.

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