Campaign to ‘professionalise’ heavy vehicle sector launched

Two leading automotive organisations join forces to formalise skills assessment and training

Campaign to ‘professionalise’ heavy vehicle sector launched
2016 is expected to see a surge in promotion for irtec Accreditation.

Just 15 per cent of the 30,000 technicians employed in the heavy vehicle sector of the UK’s road transport industry are accredited under the irtec Heavy Vehicle Accreditation scheme, according to the Society of Operations Engineers.

Ian Chisholm, managing director of the Society of Operations Engineers, said: “Having no mandatory independent system of accreditation for those who work on heavy vehicles means a decrease in public safety.

Minimise downtown

“It also means firms are not able to maximise their profit margins through minimising unnecessary down time.”

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) work closely together to deliver irtec Heavy Vehicle Accreditation, assessing the practical ability of individuals working on commercial and passenger-carrying vehicles and trailers.

IMI CEO, Steve Nash said: “As automotive technology continues to evolve; there is an increased need for skilled and competent professionals to work on these vehicles.

New technology

“By investing in irtec Accreditation for their employees, business owners can be assured that technicians’ productivity will increase, as will their first-time fix rate.”

In an IMI study, part funded by the Government training, irtec Accreditation was shown to provide a return on investment to logistics companies of a much as 200 per cent.

Find out more about the IMI by selecting ‘more details’ below.

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