Car repair prices vary across the country by up to 30 per cent

A new study has revealed that the region with the cheapest average bill is Northern Ireland at £180

Car repair prices vary across the country by up to 30 per cent
WhoCanFixMyCar say the average service/maintenance spend per vehicle is almost £600 a year, that equates to a difference of over £2300 spent across the average life of a car.

Data published by has revealed that repair bills vary across the UK, with prices in the northern half of the UK lower on average than in the south – Manchester, Liverpool, the North East and Scotland all boast cheaper average bills.

Scotland is the second-cheapest location at £186, followed by the North East at £192.

The most expensive bill, with motorists paying £241 on average, is in East Anglia.

Alex Rose, marketing director at the online firm, said he was not surprised that East Anglia is the most expensive region.

“Intra-garage competition in urban areas forces prices down and garages make up the difference simply by processing more customers through their doors every day.


Car repair pricing by region, green being the cheapest regions.

“In countryside locations, it may be that the relatively small number of garages within a realistic drive-time reduces competition, while the smaller number of jobs done by a garage in these areas means that prices are increased to compensate,” he told the Press Association.

“Overall, however, lower pricing trends in the north of England and in Scotland will be driven by several factors, including lower business rates and lower staffing costs in particular.”

WhoCanFixMyCar data also shows that Londoners are over twice as likely as the national average to request bodywork or dent repairs, 2.5 times more likely to request in-car entertainment work and 50 per cent more likely to request a windscreen or window replacement.

Meanwhile in Scotland, motorists show the greatest demand for brakes, exhausts and tyres.

Liverpudlians have yet to embrace the concept of the mobile-mechanic, a fast-growing trend elsewhere, and are 70 per cent less likely to ‘go-mobile’.

Liverpool motorists are also 30 per cent more likely to request a replacement clutch than average.

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