Community pulls together to reopen local garage after break-in

DK Motors was forced to close after £15,000 worth of tools were stolen

Community pulls together to reopen local garage after break-in
Vehicle technician, Keith Parfitt was left devastated after thieves stole his livelihood.

Keith Parfitt, from Rochdale, was left devastated after thieves stole his collection of tools, built up over 20 years in the job.

The list of tools taken includes spanners, screwdrivers and welding equipment worth between £10,000 and £15,000.

Unable to make an insurance claim to replace the tools because only customer’s cars were covered by the policy, Mr Parfitt was forced to close the garage business.

However, Mr Parfitt’s daughter, Sam, launched an internet fundraising page to help him buy new kit.

The page has so far raised nearly £3,000, allowing Mr Parfitt to buy enough tools to re-open.

He said: “The people of Littleborough have rallied behind me. I’ve been absolutely astonished.

“They’ve been bang on, they have picked me up.

“The whole community has been absolutely outstanding, it’s really humbling.

“This has had a big impact on me.

“They took everything, they took my livelihood.

“They took my screwdrivers and every nut and bolt.

“I would have been finished if Sam hadn’t set up that website.”

One of Keith’s close friends has now fitted a secure steel door to the garage free of charge and the 58-year-old also intends to fit security gates and CCTV cameras to improve security.

To make a contribution and help Mr Parfitt replace his stolen equipment, click ‘More Details’ below.

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