New Autodata tyre module now available

Autodata has launched an exclusively tyre-focused module, their fourth brand new module in 2017

New Autodata tyre module now available
Autodata say their new tyre module is kept up-to-date and precise.

Autodata subscribers can now find all the tyre-related technical information and procedures they need in half the time, allowing technicians to spend more time replacing tyres and less time searching for technical data.

The new module gives technicians quick and easy access to vital technical information, including tyre pressures, tightening torques, tyre pressure monitoring system information, jacking point locations, and jacking mode procedures; all in one easy-to-use technical information module.

As well as easy access to essential tyre data, technicians are now able to quickly search for tyre information by size, convert the tyre pressure unit of measurement and use an in-page menu that allows technicians to quickly switch between any vehicle variants (e.g. body type).

The automotive industry is advancing at a rapid rate and tyre technology is no different.

Over the last decade, technology such as TPMS become mandatory and self-sealing tyres has become popular on road vehicles.

As cars become more connected over the next few years, we expect to see even more modern tyre technology on popular everyday vehicles.

Max Lienard, chief strategy and innovation at Autodata said: “Tyres play an essential role in road safety so it’s important that they are well-maintained and installed with precision.

“Not only does our new tyres module provide the information to maintain and install tyres quickly, technicians can be confident that the technical information is always up-to-date and precise.”

To find out what else Autodata has to offer and to try the workshop application, click ‘more details’.

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