Problem job: Merc Sprinter pulley failure caused by stretched belt

Fault can cause excessive vibration and failure of the alternator pulley and bearings

Problem job: Merc Sprinter pulley failure caused by stretched belt
Autoelectro discusses the fix for a common fault on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (1999-2006).

Autoelectro, a UK remanufacturer of starter motors and alternators, has diagnosed and fixed a common alternator pulley issue on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter (1999-2006).

The alternator pulley failure, caused by a stretched/worn belt results in excessive vibration within the drive belt system and can cause the failure of the alternator pulley and/or bearings, according to Autoelectro.

Technicians are advised to inspect the belt and, if it exceeds 2,100mm in length, must replace it.

Autoelectro said: “It is recommended that a 6PK2100 belt is installed and an additional guide pulley is connected between the power steering pump pulley and crankshaft pulley.

“Complex technology and, consequently, accurate diagnosis is challenging technicians; therefore, up-to-date and regular fitting guides to assist them are pivotal.”

Autoelectro offers full cataloguing of more than 4,000 individual references and online sales access, but it is spearheaded by its technical service.

The latest bulletin from Autoelectro is one of more than 500 articles available to access and download from the company’s website, which provides free advice to technicians – click ‘more details’ below to go to the Autoelectro  website.

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