Reliable automotive tech info is “not something you can Google”, say experts

Autodata reports high demand for technical information as vehicles become increasingly more complicated

Reliable automotive tech info is “not something you can Google”, say experts
The new Autodata web application features 125,000 diagrams and illustrations, covering over 550,000 procedures.
Obtaining reliable information is no-longer as simple as owning manuals and accurate data cannot be ‘Googled’, Autodata reports.

June saw the highest number of workshops use Autodata with over 130,000 visitors to its online workshop application recorded in just one day and the number of visitors to Autodata’s workshop application grows week-on-week.

Autodata said: “Data is an investment workshops across the globe have been making more and more to increase efficiency, as well as to protect their customers and themselves from mistakes and costly damages.

Complex vehicle systems

“With relatively new computer powered technology such as emergency brake assist, electronic stability control, assisted parking, and TPMS now commonly seen in vehicles, workshops are working on systems that are more complex than ever.

Ever-evolving data

“If you are under the impression that once automotive technical information is published it remains the same, that is not the case.

“After vehicles are launched by manufacturers, the technical information for vehicle are often adapted many times in the expected life-cycle of the vehicle.

“This is why technical information providers such as Autodata have moved away from delivery methods which are less efficient in keeping users updated.

Larger Vehicle Parc
“Not only are there more vehicles on the road, there is a larger variety of vehicles than ever before.

Although a large array of vehicles presents many opportunities for the aftermarket, for workshops it means being prepared to service and repair any vehicle that drives through the doors.

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