AA Garage Guide takes steps to meet growing demand

Garage guide is now fully owned by AA Garage Services

AA Garage Guide takes steps to meet growing demand

A recent period of accelerating business growth has led online search and booking site, AA Garage Guide to take steps to ensure it is “perfectly poised to meet growing demand”.

AA Garage Guide has recently seen its outlets pass 4,600 independent and franchised garages, offering extensive national coverage.

Uptake has also been stronger than anticipated for the new AA certified programme.

Launched in February, the AA certified programme offers selected garages the opportunity to gain access to approved AA branding, subject to passing an inspection and signing up to a garage promise.

“The promise is a commitment to a range of things like work transparency, quality and customer care that we know are important to motorists,” said Olli Astley, director at AA Garage Guide.

“We then reinforce the promise with the additional reassurance of an alternative dispute resolution process”.

“The response from garages has been brilliant, with many relishing the opportunity to differentiate their business through this commitment to quality.”

AA tow-ins

AA Garage Guide has also started to pilot a new tow-in concept for the network, which enables AA patrols – and ultimately the motoring public – to gain improved access to the quality garage network at point of assisting the members.

Successful trials in Oxfordshire, Birmingham and West Yorkshire are now being extended into more areas, ahead of an anticipated national roll out in the summer.

To support this growth, AA Garage Guide is now fully owned by AA Garage Services, part of the AA group of companies.

The AA were already investors in the AA Garage Guide but it’s now expected that by taking full control the business can be accelerated, with the aim of forging tighter links to the AA’s four million members and 2,500 patrols.

Simon Benson, director of AA Motoring Services, said: “I am delighted to confirm that AA Motoring Services have partnered with AA Garage Guide on this new venture.

“The Garage Guide is totally aligned with our commitment to delivering the highest levels of service and supporting a quality proposition when looking for a repair or service solution.

“I am very confident that there will be significant benefits from our acquisition and remain committed in ensuring the AA Garage Guide continues to thrive and prosper as one of the leading online search and booking sites in the UK.”

For more information about AA Garage Guide, click ‘more details’ below.

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