Dayco steps up to the environmental challenge

Engine products and drive systems supplier to embark on three-year project

Dayco steps up to the environmental challenge

Dayco has successfully passed the preliminary phase of the ‘Automotive Innovation Agreements DD 10/10/2022’ (MIMIT: Ministry of Industries and Made in Italy).

Dayco submitted an R&D project entitled ‘The circular economy in the rubber industry: the re-use of devulcanized rubber in the design of components and in their production process’, as part of its mission to reduce the environmental impact.

The project will last 36 months and has two key objectives: the first is to reduce the percentage of elastomers from the traditional supply chain during the manufacturing process by inserting a fraction of secondary raw materials, together with the virgin raw materials, in the finished product’s final composition.

The second objective is more ambitious involving the recovery from vehicle service facilities of the belts replaced during routine schedule service. These rubber components, after fulfilling required function and durability specification, can have a second life, for example recycled in a different class of products, which will naturally reduce the impact on the environment.

By taking these actions, Dayco is following its corporate ‘Move Forward, Always’ principle. It brings innovation starting from the product design phase, responding to international regulations in the automotive sector, and offers industrial solutions that comply with the company’s principles of sustainability.

Dayco’s R&D team, in conjunction with other relevant departments at its Chieti plant, will work together allowing the company to fully achieve these objectives.

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