Digital-Servicebook celebrates growth despite pandemic

System to be rolled-out in more countries as part of growth strategy

Digital-Servicebook celebrates growth despite pandemic

Digital-Servicebook is celebrating growth despite the difficulties of 2020, it has reported.

CCO at Digital-Servicebook, Henrik Pedersen said: “Everything is going very well, we can well afford to say this at

“Throughout 2020, we have grown our customer portfolio by 61 per cent, this has happened due to a steady inflow of customers in Denmark, but primarily due to massive growth in our foreign markets.

“Because of the experience we have gained in 2020 regarding GOTO-market strategies, and what we have found is necessary every time we enter a new market, we are constantly refining the blueprint we use to create the best results as soon as possible in new markets.”

In 2020, the company has managed to ride the digital wave, and make it clear that the future is Digital.

The company states that it is moving forward with a solid strategy for the implementation of the system in even more countries in 2021.

Digital-Servicebook does not doubt that the growth will massively increase this year. declare that the system is the largest database of service documentation in the world.

More than 60 million cars are already in the system, and for every new market that is conquered, more are added.

CEO at, Martin Jensen said: “It is obvious that we have been affected by Covid-19 in 2020.

“We have had to change our workflow and our everyday life as a company. We are certain that we could have experienced an even higher growth in 2020.

“From the very beginning, we have prioritized having our employees in home offices, and this has created other demands and procedures compared to the way we have normally worked.

“However, I would like to say that as a 100 per cent digital company, we have had every opportunity to continue our work with a few adjustments in relation to Covid-19.”

2020 was the year the focus increased on digital service registration, and the dialogue around OE service books and the independent solution flourished.

Martin added: “We have benefited from the increased focus on service registration in Denmark, and the fact that there are new players in the market, e.g. Hella Gutmann, who helps the workshops use the OE service books.

“It has been a really good feature for us, because it has put great focus on exactly what type of documentation that benefits the car owner and workshop, and not just the manufacturer of the car.

“The number of users has clearly expanded in Denmark, and I definitely attribute that to the increased amount of focus and information that came around the issue.

“Immediately, it was clear to us that the inquiries we got were from workshops that wanted to keep their customers, the car owners, and ensure safe access to the service history – thus warranty.

“We offer 100 per cent warranty approved service documentation.

“We are the only ones in the market to offer this solution, and our documentation is adequate in a warranty case which we back up with legal support. This is something you do not get from our “colleagues” or from the car manufacturers.”

The inflow of registered car owners is enormous and is reflected by the number of, amongst other things, e-Boks (Nordic provider of digital post) users.

The agreement with e-Boks has secured that all Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians, with access to e-Boks, has their service book with their most important and private documents.

A total of 4,600,000 e-Boks users have access to this service.

The fact that is more than just a service book has also meant a lot regarding how the product has been met in the markets.

With the possibility of structured recalls for customers, as well as linking the workshop and car owner, these are all factors that make so unique and popular.

Henrik said: “With features such as active recalls of car owners via SMS, as well as the fact that we put workshop and car owner directly together, creates breeding ground for an additional sales value for the workshops from day one.

“Our system ensures that the car owner comes back and has an increased sense of belonging to the workshop.

“In addition to this, with features such as complete service history and control of factory campaigns, we have ensured that the workshops can perform the best possible service to their customers.

“All with 100 per cent warranty approved service documentation.”

All in all, 2020 has been a success for the Danish company, and the company’s goal of bringing easier workflows to the workshops, as well as digital access to the service books for car owners, is being fulfilled at a breathtaking pace.

It is expected that the growth is far from slowing down in the upcoming years.

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