ELTA Automotive launches VXPRO fuel vaporisers

Electrically heated glow plug evaporates fuel before injecting into exhaust gas stream

ELTA Automotive launches VXPRO fuel vaporisers
ELTA Automotive's VXPRO fuel vaporiser.

As part of its ongoing strategy to provide the independent with the matching original equipment (OE) components it needs, ELTA Automotive Ltd, through its VXPRO sense and control electronics programme, has launched a range of fuel vaporisers, primarily for Ford diesel applications.

ELTA says that the fuel vaporiser is a relatively new component designed to improve the diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration process and further reduce harmful emissions from the engine’s exhaust gas.

DPF regeneration requires extremely high temperatures in order for soot that builds up during everyday driving, to be removed from the DPF by combustion.

When the driving conditions do not allow for this temperature to be reached in the exhaust system, additional processes must be introduced to raise the heat.

Traditionally, post injection of unburned diesel fuel into the combustion chamber provides the catalyst and raises temperatures.

However, this has been found to cause oil dilution leading to premature engine wear or more frequent servicing.

Fuel vaporisers go some way to solving this problem, lowering emissions, whilst prolonging engine life.

Rather than being injected directly into the combustion chamber, fuel is directed to the fuel vaporiser.

The vaporiser then uses an integrated, electrically heated glow plug to evaporate the fuel before injecting it into the exhaust gas stream ahead of the catalytic converter/diesel oxidation catalyst.

Vaporised hydrocarbons are then burnt on the catalytic converter, releasing energy from exothermal chemical reactions and raising the temperature before the DPF allowing for regeneration to occur without oil dilution or the need for additional cooling.

All VXPRO products are tested to ensure they operate within the manufacturer’s original parameters, therefore guaranteeing that there will be no change to the vehicle’s original performance following the installation of the part.

In addition, the range also features QR codes on the packaging, enabling installers to access a quick link to product specific fitting and technical advice, without having to open the box.

For more information concerning VISIONPRO or VXPRO, or any of the other brands within the ELTA Automotive product range, call 01675 466999, email [email protected] or follow the ‘more details’ link.

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