Experts warn of rising levels of AdBlue contamination

Misfuelling can result in faulty injectors where AdBlue crystalises in the inlet ports

Experts warn of rising levels of AdBlue contamination
Misfuelling is one of the main causes of cross-contamination.

Feather Diesel Services has reported an increase in the number of fuel injector faults where AdBlue has been present in the fuel system.

The cross-contamination is often a result of misfuelling the vehicle and even immediate draining of the tank may leave sufficient AdBlue behind to cause common symptoms.

A Feather Diesel spokesperson said: “Diesel lubricates the fuel system and due to incredibly fine tolerances, AdBlue, water, petrol and even poor quality diesel can lead to premature failures.

“If you discover AdBlue misfuelling, we’d recommend having the diesel pump and injectors checked, tested and flushed before damage occurs.”

Symptoms of AdBlue contamination

AdBlue crystallisation seen on a fuel injector.

  • Lack of power.
  • Smoke.
  • Fault Codes.
  • Engine management light coming on.

According to the AA, the number of AdBlue-related breakdowns went up every month in 2016 and it predicts that more than 20,000 driver could get caught out in 2017.

Traditionally used in buses and HGVs, many new diesel cars manufactured from 2016 now use AdBlue to help reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

AdBlue is a trade name registered by the German car manufacturers association, but is the most recognised form of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

The fluid is injected into the flow of exhaust gasses where it turns to ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Inside the SCR catalyst, harmful nitrogen oxide in the exhaust reacts with the ammonia and is transformed into nitrogen and water.

For further advice and recommendations, contact Feather Diesel Services on 01422 387800.

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  1. My van is in fords now 18 month old it’s a transit custom and fords refusing to do warranty work because they believe my brakes on my van failed due to being contaminated my engine with ad blue as anyone had a similar problem contact me plz

    • hi i wondered how u resolbed this. I have a similar problem. arnold clark refusing to repair my car under warranty as say car has been misfueled with diesel in adblue tank. I havent added diesel to wrong tank as physically impossible to insert nozzle at petrol station into adblue tank. My car is VW and 18 months old. They are also refusing to analyse fluid in adblue tank. This has been going on for 5 weejs now. No resolution despite taking to VW complaints

  2. I brought a kia sportage from Arnold clark Aug 2022 .
    April 2023 guy at Auto shop pit in Adblue as light was on.It was put in correctly as I observed for future refills .Nov 2023 into kia knock sensor and glow plug replace ,home for a few days EML showed other knock sensor needed doin .(must add car was driving perfect no faults)
    Collected from kia drove 11 mile car auto stop light flashing and no speed .AA came out towed back ,fault showed Fiel pump breaking down ,Kia said Arnold Clarke at fault as did not change fuel filter on service as required .Arnold Clarke collected from Kia 48hrs later fuel filter replaced and said all else is fine .Collected Car – drove 6 miles again same fault along with fumes in car and puffs of White smoke ??
    Arnold Clarke Collected drove back had a call to say contaminated fuel ,looks like Adblue ???.lm at a lost How ? As Adblue was put in April ,surely if problem it would if showed before 8 mths .So now I’ve no car since November, no courtesy car as.only have 2 .Not able to get back and see grandchildren fir Christmas, husband has hospital appointment and we live 2 Mile from nearest shop.
    Arnold Clarke are saying if contaminated with Adblue then our error ??? And it will be our cost but we have not done it.
    They did ask if I top up at Morrisons ,I said No as there is no morrisons near where we live .
    Kia are saying its contaminated due to fuel pump breaking down due to fuel filter not been done so warranty now void .I truly do not know where to go from here


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