Opinion: Not all remanufactured injectors are the same, warns expert

Garages urged to use an authorised repairer and to avoid assumption that remanufactured injectors are the same

Opinion: Not all remanufactured injectors are the same, warns expert

Managing director at Feather Diesel Services has issued a warning to garages, saying “don’t be fooled, all remanufactured injectors might look the same but they’re not.”

Based in Elland, West Yorkshire and established over 60 years, Feather Diesel Services is an authorised repairer for Bosch, DENSO, Delphi and Siemens VDO injectors.

Managing director at Feather Diesel Services, Jeff Morley has issued the following statement.

There’s a growing problem with many modern injectors not being repairable.

Where manufacturers might once have developed an aftermarket repair programme from year one, it’s now more like three to five years – we could all speculate as to possible reasons why but it’s a frustration.

Separate to this though comes huge variations in what’s sold as ‘remanufactured’ – and some of the quality is incredibly low unfortunately.

Certain common rail injectors have just one micron clearance between moving parts.

With minimal margin for error, avoiding the ‘paraffin overhaul’ merchants is essential for garages.

They often unwittingly fall into the trap of buying on price wishfully believing all ‘remanufactured’ injectors will be more-or-less the same.

It’s not true.

There are four key areas where costs get cut.

The first is not replacing some components, if we change ten parts but someone else changes only three it’s no surprise they sell cheap.

The second one is not cleaning properly, the third, is not testing correctly and the fourth is using non-genuine components.

All of these directly impact quality and reliability.

Sadly, there’s a reverse incentive to do a bit less so you can sell a bit cheaper.

We’re seeing rapid consolidation with small competitors exiting, this is going to continue.

If you’re faced with needing to invest £100,000 to repair and test just one manufacturer’s technology but you’re not seeing the volume of demand to make a return, then cutting some corners or getting out are really your only options.

The solution for garages is simple – use an authorised repairer.

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