Family-run garage triples turnover in three years

Robert Cockings Motor Repairs (RCMR) was turning over 400k in 2020; now it's increased to £1.05m

Family-run garage triples turnover in three years

A family-run garage in Somerset has tripled its turnover in just three years after becoming a German car specialist. The revenue increase has been attributed to launching a specialist website, a new garage management system and a business coach.

With 70% of online enquiries being converted to bookings, the new website by Garage Services Online integrates with a garage management system from Garage Hive.

Owner Tom Cockings, owner of RCMR said:

“I really needed to push our specialism to get the work in, but I didn’t know how. I built a Wix website myself, and whilst it looked okay, it was effectively lost at sea with every other poor performing website.

“I then found Jim at Garage Services Online which was a real game-changer. His team created something night and day better than most other websites. So much so, we now rank higher on Google than the nearest main dealer.

“The website is our main lead generator. When people call us, their opening line is usually, ‘we found you online’. We’re also seeing a lot of online enquiries coming through between 7pm and 12pm, and of those, we convert about 70 percent. The other 30 percent is generally work we choose not to take on.

“Having the website is basically a big stress reliever. I don’t have to worry about replacing customers lost to natural attrition, or finding new customers who facilitate our growth.

“It also works seamlessly with our garage management system (GMS) from Garage Hive; the two go hand-in-hand. The GMS integrates with the website so customers can book in online.

“It’s like the website catches the perfect customer, passes them to the GMS, and the booking is automatically entered into the diary with no hassle.”

The business has expanded, too. RCMR increased its workshop size from 1,620sqft to 10,000sqft, working across 13 ramps and with nine staff instead of four in 2020.

Find out more about Garage Services Online by clicking here.

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