40 million admit to driving vehicles in poor condition

A recent report reveals that one in four drivers would prefer to drive a faulty car rather than get it repaired

40 million admit to driving vehicles in poor condition
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One in four motorists are in fear of being overcharged or facing large bills when it comes to their vehicles causing them to delay important repairs. This figure rises to one in three in Wales.

The survey found that 40 million drivers admit to driving their vehicle in a poor condition due to these fears.

Limvirak Chea, president and co-founder of Fixter, which commissioned the research, stated that this lack of trust between drivers and mechanics can have serious consequences if drivers avoid essential car maintenance. As a result of these fears, more Britons are choosing to fix their cars themselves or simply put off important repairs.

Source: GB News

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  1. Those figures dont appear to be correct, if it is then we have 160 million drivers in the UK… probably closer to 4 million?


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