Polybush 40CS Ford Transit bushes last longer

They also help in absorbing vibrations and reducing noise for a smoother, quieter ride

Polybush 40CS Ford Transit bushes last longer

Designed to last 4-5 times longer than rubber bushes, that’s more time on the road and less time on repairs for your customers.

Polybush know how hard Transits work, and failing wishbone bushes can put your customers off the road for days on end. That’s it has engineered Transit bushes that last four to five times longer than the rubber ones originally fitted.

The Polybush 40CS is made from high-quality Polyurethane, which addresses key issues that cause the failure of OEM rubber bushes over time. Catering to all Transit owners, and meeting diverse needs, Polybush state that 40CS bushes aren’t just a replacement, they’re an upgrade that can outperform OEM parts.

You can find out more about Polybush 40CS Transit wishbone bushes here.

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