New “TreadReader” tyre scanner gives instant health check

Hofmann Megaplan set to change the way workshops advise customers on tyre health

New “TreadReader” tyre scanner gives instant health check

The new Tread Reader from Hofmann Megaplan is a handheld scan tool which provides an instant 3D image of the tire, providing vital data such as tread depth and adverse wear.

“This product really is a game changer for the tire business” comments the company’s EVP of garage equipment, James Boon.

“There is something about human nature that makes many of us naturally suspicious when someone tells you that you have to spend money.

“However, the TreadReader presents the customer with a very real appraisal of their tyres, in a color-coded and numbered format which is easy to understand, on a report that simply can’t be argued with. It removes any doubt or apprehension in its entirety.”

The unit itself is lightweight, robust and requires just a few seconds to run over all four tyres for instant upload to a smart phone or tablet via the TreadReade app, which can then be converted into a hard printout or email document.

Automated tyre measurement

The concept of having an automated measurement of tyres isn’t new, with both drive-over systems and alternative-technology handheld units both available, but James feels that until now nothing has offered the level of superiority of the TreadReader for a price that is accessible to the average tyre shop or garage.

“Drive-over units are great, but they are expensive and impractical for the majority of workshops”, continues James.

“Conversely, the only other handheld unit we’ve seen simply cannot compete with the level of technology we have in TreadReader, plus it requires an ongoing subscription service making it very expensive even short-term.

“In essence, we are offering all the technological supremacy of a drive-over system, in a handheld unit, at a sensible and one-off cost.”

The TreadReader takes a full width, 50mm circumference section of the tyre, monitoring 320,000 points of reference.

The advisory nature of the report will clearly state where mis-alignment is an issue, and given this information a customer is understandably convinced to prevent any further premature tyre wear by having the alignment carried out.

James added: “The obvious visual impact of the 3D rendering, highlighted by a red ‘warning’ and advisory comment, all achieved as a consequence of checking the tread depth, is the fastest, most compelling way to ensure a customer understands they are in need of wheel alignment.”

On the flagship Ssence 600 ‘Ultra’ 3D system, the TreadReader can be integrated into the table of the aligner, making the whole process even more convenient.

TreadManager portal

The company has recently introduced the TreadManager portal, which enables anyone managing remotely, or multi-location operations, infinite opportunity to maximise on the scan tool.

By logging into the portal, workshops and Service Managers can view essential data on the number of vehicles scanned, activity by technician, and number of opportunities created for tyre and alignment sales.

By maintaining invaluable customer data, TreadManager can even predict tyre life-expectancy, allowing opportunities for tyre sales long after the customer left the workshop.

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