How [NOT] to drive after brake pad replacement

Experts advise garage customers on the precautions that should be taken following pad replacement

How [NOT] to drive after brake pad replacement
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UK suppliers of OE quality brake pads, Lumag is this week advising motorists on how to drive after having brake components replaced.

Lumag warns drivers that brand new parts need up to 200 miles of breaking in to achieve full performance.

The process of breaking in a brake pad should start before the car even leaves the garage, according to experts who say drivers should press the brake pedal a number of times to adjust play between the pad and the disc when the car is still parked.

Tomasz Orłowski, director at Lumag’s research and development department, responsible for the development of Breck brake pads, said: “Breaking in of brake pads can be compared to the time we have to wait between having a meal and going swimming.

“It is best to go through this process by driving in the regular manner in urban conditions.

“We should avoid sporty driving, braking from high speeds, driving with large loads, especially with trailers, or in the mountains.

“Brake overheating can cause irreparable negative changes in the new brake pads, which have not been broken in yet.

“Breaking in of brake pads is accompanied by a physicochemical process resulting in the generation of a thin layer on the brake pad’s surface.

“It is called the third body layer and consists of a mixture of various substances and materials generated during brake pad and brake disc interaction.

“During braking, the TBL separates the friction material from the brake disc and prevents their metallic components from sticking together.

“As long as the TBL is in place, the coefficient of friction remains stable, which directly translates into braking efficiency.”

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