MAHLE Aftermarket partners with AutoAdvisor

Brand endorses comparison site and raises awareness of opportunities and potential leads that AutoAdvisor brings to the industry

MAHLE Aftermarket partners with AutoAdvisor

MAHLE Aftermarket UK has partnered with service and repair comparison site, AutoAdvisor.

MAHLE has said it is keen to endorse the comparison site and raise awareness of the opportunities and potential leads that AutoAdvisor brings to the industry.

The partnership will also expose MAHLE’s established brand and quality to AutoAdvisor’s growing network of garages.

The website aims to become “the UK’s most exciting garage network”, with the service offering numerous benefits to garages, including the reduction of time and the expense of advertising often spent to gain new business.

AutoAdvisor also focuses on sourcing quality customer leads for garages within a set local area.

In the coming months, AutoAdvisor will be increasing garage aids to help mechanics with technical bulletins, data and training courses.

Jonathan Walker, MAHLE Aftermarket UK managing director, said: “It’s great to support new initiatives that are proactively helping to drive leads into the independent automotive aftermarket and we look forward to working closely with Alex and the team going forward.”

Alex Taylor, founder of AutoAdvisor, said: “We’re entering a modern digital age, and motorists are increasingly heading online to search for their nearest, reputable garage when faced with repair work.

“It is therefore important that garages don’t fall behind this curve, and well-known, quality suppliers take advantage of the opportunity to remain at the forefront of the customer’s mind.”

Battery brand Banner Batteries has also pledged its support to AutoAdvisor, as more suppliers look set to come on board.

The site has partnered with Tech4Techs, a company that provides OEM based service schedules with printable service check sheets, technical diagrams, guided fault diagnosis and MOT information to name but a few benefits.

For further information about AutoAdvisor, select ‘more details’ below.

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