Training available from Nissens Automotive

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Training available from Nissens Automotive

On a mission to support the independent sector to be profitable at all levels, Nissens Automotive (Nissens) offers education in various forms, from live onsite sessions, through online self-learning courses, to technical marketing materials in both print and digital formats.

This knowledge is served in 15 languages and delivered by 25 dedicated technical trainers, and is available worldwide.

Nissens has further expanded its Training Concept, an educational solution for automotive professionals in the field of air conditioning, engine cooling, efficiency, and emissions, to leverage their technical skills, with a series of free live webinars conducted by their product specialists.

In addition to receiving a huge amount of knowledge, participants may engage in Q&A sessions and share their experience. Nissens also offers free online training through its portal.

Click here to join the free webinars on the Nissens Facebook page or watch the recordings of past events.

Recordings will be made available on Facebook or on the Nissens Experts portal – an internet platform with a library of more than 100 technical assets, including technical stories, tips, bulletins, and tools dedicated to technicians.

Past events

Importance of the heaters and cabin blowers – technical tips and tricks.

Everything you need to know about the flushing procedure of the AC system

Routine Inspection of the AC system – get ready for the season – a step-by-step guide

Top 10 reasons why AC system does not work properly

ECV valve compressors (variable displacement) – the ups and downs

The parallel flow micro – macro tube condenser, how does it actually work?

Expansion valve (mechanical and automatic) and evaporator, what can be an issue?

New refrigerants: why use R1234yf and CO2 instead of R134a? Why are so many other refrigerants being tested and approved?

Oil – why can’t we just use a universal one?

More subjects for future events

UV-dye and additives – are they all the same?
Heat pump system – why do we need it?
Heat pump – how does it function?

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