Pico Technology’s distributor mini-meetings are expanding

Company plans to increase the number of virtual meetings in 2024

Pico Technology’s distributor mini-meetings are expanding

Pico Automotive recently expanded its popular online automotive distributor mini-meetings to include it distributors in the Far East and Oceania distributors.

In an amazing turnout for a first session, Pico was joined by distributors from India, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

These sessions allow Pico Technology to update its distributors on everything Pico, as well as running a session on a particular subject.

For recent meetings, automotive application specialist Steve Smith did a great presentation around ‘His Diagnostic Adventures 2023, what has he learned so far’, as well as a live demonstration of the MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester, live from its workshop.

One of the great things about these sessions is allowing distributors to share their own thoughts and ideas, selling and promoting PicoScope.

For 2024, Pico Technology will continue these meetings for both its European and Far Eastern distributors, to discuss everything from software to off-highway diagnostics

Click here for a list of Pico Technology distributors.

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