The Polybush upgrade for a range of Volkswagen Group cars

Replacement for the 5Q0-505-171 OEM part

The Polybush upgrade for a range of Volkswagen Group cars

Isn’t it annoying when you come to do an alignment on a Volkswagen Group vehicle and you discover that the inner bush on the spring bucket is seized?

Not only can installing Polybush improve the vehicle’s handling, but installation means seized bushes are a thing of the past.

The original bush (5Q0-505-171) is a notorious troublemaker. Whether it’s on a Volkswagen Golf or Tiguan, it tends to fail more often than is acceptable.

Both the OEM and other rubber alternatives suffer from galvanic corrosion: the nasty process where dissimilar metals, in this case, the bolt and the bush tube essentially weld themselves together.

So, when it’s time for alignment, you’re stuck in a tough spot: cut off the bolt, destroy the bush, and replace the lower control arm.

The Polybush 44FC not only allows for maximum adjustment, ensuring a smooth alignment process, but it’s also highly resistant to galvanic corrosion. This means you won’t find yourself wasting time.

The best part? The Polybush products last four to five longer than their rubber counterparts, giving your customers performance benefits without cranking up the NVH.

With Polybush’s 44FC, you get all the performance perks of polyurethane without increasing NVH levels.

Solutions include:

A3 multi-link (8V1, 8VK, 8VA, 8VF, 8V7, 8VE, 8VS, 8VM) (2013-2020)
A3 multi-link (8YA, 8YS) (2020-on)
Q2 multi-link (GAB, GAG) (2016-on)
Q3 (F3B) (2018-on)
Q3 Sportback (F3N) (2019-on)

Ateca multi-link (KH7, KHP) (2016-ON)
Leon Mk3 multi-link (5F1) (2012-2020)
Leon Mk4 and Sportstourer multi-link (KL1, KL8) (2019-on)
Tarraco (KN2) (2018-Oon)

Karoq multi-link (NU7, ND7) (2017-on)
Kodiaq (NS7, NV7) (2016-on)
Octavia Mk3 multi-link (5E3, 5E5, 5E6, NL3, NR3) (2012-2019)
Octavia Mk4 multi-link (NX3, NN3) (2019-on)
Superb Mk3 (3V3, 3V5) (2015-on)

Arteon (3H7, 3H8, 3H9) (2017-on)
Golf Mk7 120PS+ (5G1, BQ1, BE1, BE2, BA5, BV5) (2012-2019)
Golf Mk8 multi-link (CD1, CD5) (2020-on)
Passat B8 (3G2 ,3G5, CB2, CB5) (2014-on)
Tiguan (AD1, AX1) (2016-on)
Tiguan Allspace (BW2, BJ2) (2017-on)
Touran (5T1) (2015-on)
T-Roc multi-link (A11, D11) (2018-on)

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