Revive Turbo Cleaner restores Seat Toledo turbo performance

Denmark independent preaches benefits of popular turbo cleaner

Revive Turbo Cleaner restores Seat Toledo turbo performance
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Thomas Landberg of Chip-Tuning in Denmark is no stranger to the benefits of using Revive Turbo Cleaner, but his recent treatment on a Seat Toledo impressed him enough to contact Revive.

The 2002 Seat Toledo 1.9TDi 110hp had 330,000km on the clock.

Thomas said: “The customer insisted on a chip-tune, though I warned him against it because of the mileage.

“We ‘dyno’d’ the car and it was easy to see the turbo was not operating correctly, as expected.

“We tried to tune the car and still the turbo kicked in way too late.

“When I logged turbo pressure it reached 1.5 bars when it should only hit 1.2 bars.

“It’s the worst example of a defect turbo I have seen.

“We thought it would be good fun to put Revive to an ultimate test.

“The customer was aware he might have to change the turbo, so there was nothing to lose.

“We gave the car a Revive treatment and a good run on the dyno.

“There was lots of smoke but then, slowly, the turbo pressure started to act normal and after some minutes the turbo pressure was 99 per cent perfect.

“My customer was well impressed.”

For further information about Revive Turbo Cleaner, select ‘more details’ below or call 01225 701920.

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