Schaeffler announces the second REPXPERT bonus point Millionaire

Neil and the Durley Garage team are ‘over the moon’

Schaeffler announces the second REPXPERT bonus point Millionaire

It’s official! There are now two Schaeffler REPXPERT bonus point Millionaires, as Neil Malam and Durley Garage Ltd in Birkenhead became the winners of the INA phase of the competition.

Neil and his team were dedicated to using the REPXPERT app to scan the OneCode labels on the INA products they fitted during the qualifying period to collect their bonus points, and can now enjoy the fruits of their labours by spending one million points in the REPXPERT Bonus Shop.

Asked how he felt after being announced as the latest REPXPERT Millionaire winner, Neil answered: “We’re over the moon, and although we don’t know exactly what we’ll spend the million points on yet, it’ll probably be on workwear for the lads, some new office chairs and some tools, that sort of thing.”

As well as using the REPXPERT app to register bonus points, Neil and his team also recognise the huge benefits that it brings to the business.

Neil explained: “There are many technical benefits in using it, such as when it comes to assessing dual mass flywheels.

“We use the DMF CheckPoint feature to check the tolerances before we change them, even though nine times out of 10 we know they are worn, but it’s good to have something that you can show the customer, to prove it needs changing.

“We also logon to the REPXPERT portal every day and use the catalogue feature for cross referencing etc. We’ve been using it for years, it’s a really good bit of kit.”

Handing over the ‘cheque’ for one million bonus points, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket UK sales director, Matt Selby said: “First and foremost, we appreciate your business. We spend a lot of time in workshops and with garage professionals at our Academy Live and other technical events, so we get to hear a lot of comments, which is not always perfect, but usually it’s really positive, like your feedback today.

“It’s also nice to see that you actively choose to install all three of our three brands, and also use the REPXPERT App and portal, which is a technical tool designed to help your business. So, long may that continue and congratulations on being our INA REPXPERT bonus point Millionaire.”

However, the REPXPERT Millionaire promotion doesn’t stop here, as the current phase concentrates on the FAG brand and finishes on 31 December.

Selby added: “As Durley Garage has shown, the only way for garages to enter is by installing the REPXPERT app, which features a built in scanner to read Schaeffler’s OneCode labels. This provides instant and free access to our award-winning technical platform.

“After scanning, the authenticity of the product is instantly displayed, and garage staff can then choose to collect their bonus points or look at product information, installation instructions, labour times, torque tolerances, fluid specifications and lots more.”

Information on Schaeffler products and systems, fitting instructions, labour times and much more can be found on the REPXPERT app, downloadable for free for all iOS and Android devices, or via the website.

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