Tesla ‘megacast’ underbody too expensive to repair

Technique has made repairs more more complex and costly

Tesla ‘megacast’ underbody too expensive to repair
Photo: Bigstock

Tesla’s ‘megacast’ construction has split the automotive industry. On the one hand, some manufacturers have said they will use it for future models, while others are reserving judgement.

Put simply, ‘megacast’ combines multiple underbody parts in a single piece, reducing costs and accelerating production. Ford likes the tech so much, it plans to use it for its next-generation electric vehicles.

But with almost 1,000 parts combined in a single aluminium piece, repairing damage or replacing parts has become incredibly difficult, putting pressure on insurance companies to raise premiums to cover the cost of repairs.

This comes at a time when millions of motorists have seen their premiums rise.

According to Autocar, Tesla is aware of the concerns and is investing in research and development to find innovative solutions for the ‘megacast’ sections. The aim is to find solutions that are efficient and cost-effective while maintaining the structural rigidity of the vehicle.

Autocar points out that Toyota and Hyundai have joined Ford in expressing an intention to adopt the construction technique for its future models.

It says: “As other manufacturers show interest in adopting ‘megacast’ underbody sections, it is expected that repair solutions will improve over time. This will further solidify the position of this technology as a cost-effective and efficient manufacturing method in the automotive industry.”

Source: Autocar

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