Schaeffler introduces the 2024 REPXPERT Conference

Empowering workshop professionals to future-proof their business

Schaeffler introduces the 2024 REPXPERT Conference

Schaeffler, the company behind the LuK, INA and FAG brands, is planning to host a conference for technicians and garage owners, based on the principles and success of its REPXPERT Academy Live technical training events.

Following Schaeffler’s winning formula of networking, knowledge sharing, and practical application, its REPXPERT team believe the time is right to develop this innovative initiative further by expanding the concept into a full day conference.

The keynote speakers and breakout lecture presenters will focus on topics such as understanding the direction the automotive industry is heading and where workshops should position themselves to play a relevant part in its future.

“The idea behind the REPXPERT Academy Conference is to bring together the core strengths of Schaeffler’s knowledge and training platform with a broader industry focus. This will hopefully help delegates to learn how to future-proof their businesses by understanding and exploiting the opportunities that we put before them,” explains Schaeffler’s sales and marketing Director, Matt Selby.

“Schaeffler is renowned for the conception, design, development and manufacture of OE components and systems, in collaboration with leading vehicle producers. For the conference we will be collaborating with a really interesting mix of industry professionals to deliver a must-see event.

“Providing maximum value to busy and time conscious garage owners and vehicle technicians is key, which is why intend to pack a great deal of content into a one-day event. We will, of course, be providing high-quality breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day, all in a truly fantastic venue.

“The training sessions and workshop hub are the lifeblood of our Academy Live events, and we hope that an afternoon packed with mini-lectures, plus a technical zone featuring specially invited guests and our own REPXPERTs, will keep up this tradition. The focus as always will be on invaluable workshop topics, but with an eye on how to protect business interests moving forward into an electrified future.

“The REPXPERT Academy conference will be packed with thought provoking and useful content, so we encourage aftermarket professionals to register as soon as tickets are released.

“To guarantee we deliver the highest quality experience, Schaeffler is keen to hear from workshop professionals on the presenters and topics they would like to see at the event, to ensure they get maximum value from the day. Therefore, we have created a simple survey for garages owners and technicians to complete where they can voice their opinions.”

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