New FCA Group “FireFly” engines equipped with Sogefi oil filter

Chevron pleating technology offers enhanced capacity to retain particles

New FCA Group “FireFly” engines equipped with Sogefi oil filter

Sogefi has announced that it is the original equipment manufacturer of the oil filter fitting the FCA Group’s new “FireFly” petrol engine range.

The automotive group recently launched the new engines on various models, starting with the new FIAT 500X and the Jeep Renegade.

Made of aluminium, these engines are lighter, more eco-friendly, and compliant with the 6/D-Temp regulation in force from September 2019.

A Sogefi spokesperson said: “The Sogefi oil filter mounted on these engines plays an essential role in their proper operation, retaining the abrasive particles produced by ordinary wear and continuously purifying the oil from combustion residues.

“Moreover, thanks to Sogefi’s exclusive Chevron pleating technology, the filter offers an extraordinary capacity to retain dust in a compact space.”

The oil filter is available in the Aftermarket by requesting the following codes: Purflux LS1079, FRAM PH12479 and CoopersFiaam FT6847.

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