Engine treatments company reports “significant growth”

Tec4 oil and diesel system cleaners in high demand among independent garages carrying out preventative maintenance

Engine treatments company reports “significant growth”

An increase in the number of diesel cars entering the independent aftermarket is being credited as part of the driving force behind the significant growth of engine treatments specialist Tec4.

Throughout the past five years, the company has grown from a standing start to £1.5m turnover, with demand rising year-on-year for its range of engine treatments.

The company’s oil system cleaner and diesel system cleaner is in high demand from independent repairers looking to carry out preventative maintenance on three to four year old diesel cars, helping customers avoid the problems associated with blocked EGR’s and diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

Tec4’s managing director, Bob Welch, said: “Modern Euro 5 diesel engines are particularly susceptible to contamination issues.

“Extended service intervals and stop-start driving all place a high demand on modern oils, leading to contamination build-up on key components within the engine.

“If left, this can lead to oil misting through the PCV system contaminating throttle bodies, inlet and exhaust valves and gas recirculation valves.

“On diesel vehicles, this inevitably leads to premature blocking of the DPF, which can cause significant issues if not regenerated effectively.

“We’re working with independent repairers to help them integrate an engine flush into the overall cost of every service for customers.

“Not only does this deliver a noticeable difference in performance, but it also saves drivers hundreds of pounds through improved fuel efficiency and reduced breakdown costs.”

Portable DPF and EGR cleaning machine

To complement Tec4’s successful 4-in-1 carbon cleaning machine the company recently launched a new portable DPF and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cleaning machine.

Although sales continue to increase, Tec4 is noticing that smart repairers are investing more in preventative maintenance measures such as engine treatments.

Welch added: “In an ideal world, no repairer would need to buy a cleaning machine, because they would all be using engine treatments to carry out an engine flush and fuel system clean as part of the routine service.

“This would stop the majority of EGR and DPF issues and negate the need for costly repair.

“We’re supporting the independent garage trade by providing a complete range of engine treatments, using formulations which have been tried and tested by garages for over 25 years.

“This enables repairers to deliver a proven performance advantage to every customer, offering a main dealer level service for an independent price.”

Tec4’s range is continuing to grow with the company offering engine treatments, a ‘workshop essentials’ maintenance range, carbon cleaning machines and associated cleaning fluids and two new products specifically for motorcycles.

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