TecAlliance introduces TecDoc VIN catalogue for trucks

Automotive data specialist develops new standard in CV replacement parts ID for wholesalers and fleet workshops

TecAlliance introduces TecDoc VIN catalogue for trucks

TecAlliance, the organisation behind the renowned TecDoc Catalogue, has developed the TecDoc VIN catalogue for trucks, a commercial vehicle (CV) specific resource that simplifies and unifies the search process for fast moving items for the main seven brands.

Key account manager for TecAlliance UK and Ireland, Jason Meade said: “We have determined which parts should be listed by analysing existing data to find the most popular searches and by basing its criteria on the vehicle identification number (VIN), TecDoc VIN catalogue – truck users can identify the exact vehicle for which the part is required without relying on a VM specific EPC, this not only saves time by not having to switch between catalogues, but makes the search method consistent.

“In addition, as TecDoc VIN catalogue – truck is an online system, it can naturally be incorporated into an existing website to provide a fully integrated e-commerce solution, which enhances the user experience and increases online ordering and paperless transactions, and further contributes to business efficiencies.”

Based in Uxbridge, Greater London, DB Auto Consultancy is an early adopter of the solution.

Truck, proprietor, Dave Burgess said: “The biggest single benefit that the TecDoc Catalogue has brought my business, is significantly reducing the returns, which has naturally increased our overall efficiencies.

“As all wholesalers will be very aware, part returns and the problems they create, as well as the costs they subject a business to, are some of the fundamental issues when it comes to profitability, particularly in an industry as fiercely competitive as ours and with such small profit margins.

“The specific nature of the search criteria, combined with the accuracy of the data in the TecDoc VIN Catalogue – Truck, allows us to precisely identify the correct replacement item, which means, for example, that we don’t have to supply more than one part reference to cover the possible options.

“The system uses the VIN and is easy to use and reliable, as this method identifies the precise vehicle and the associated original equipment part numbers for its various components.

“From this information, TecDoc’s official data suppliers match their products, which allows us, as a catalogue user, to choose the ideal replacement part for our customers, from a broad range of suppliers.

“Just as part returns are the thing that we as a wholesaler want to minimise, from our customers’ perspective, vehicle downtime is the biggest threat to their profitability, because a stranded vehicle simply becomes a cost.

“So, being able to quickly identify the correct part from a choice of suppliers, allows us to source the replacement in the shortest timeframe and reduce the period the vehicle is out of service.”

For more information concerning the TecDoc VIN Catalogue – Truck, or about TecAlliance in general, call 01268 572009 or email [email protected].

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