Standard shocks not good enough for vans and light trucks, experts warn

Monroe Van-Magnum shocks engineered to meet unique requirements of today’s hardest working vehicles

Standard shocks not good enough for vans and light trucks, experts warn

The explosion of eCommerce and consumers’ increased demand for convenient delivery and on-site service is also seeing demand rise for the repair and maintenance of these vehicles, experts at Monroe say.

As one example, shock absorbers, play vital roles in protecting driver safety and preventing cargo damage and must withstand heavier loads and almost constant use.

Given that each shock absorber performs an average of 2,816 stabilizing actions every kilometer, these components can be exposed to extreme wear even in ordinary operating conditions.

It was because of these unique demands that Monroe developed Monroe VanMagnum shock absorbers.

These shocks feature a special oversized design, reinforced welds and other important enhancements to help improve vehicle control, protect
passengers and cargo and better resist the wear and tear of extreme use.

Caroline Bonard, ride control product manager at DRiV said: “Many commercial vans, light trucks and similar vehicles offer car-like ride and handling, so it might seem natural to use standard automotive shocks on these vehicles.

“But the opposite is actually true.

“Light-commercial vehicles have greater mass, carry heavier loads and often experience much greater use over the course of a day, week, month and year.

“It is important for businesses to protect their investment in these vehicles by choosing the right grade of replacement part.”

Choosing a lighter-duty shock absorber for a hardworking commercial vehicle can lead not only to a faster shock replacement cycle, but also potentially accelerate the wear of the vehicle’s tires and steering components.

These components depend on shocks to absorb road impacts, help maintain wheel alignment and reduce potentially damaging vibration.

In addition to Van-Magnum shock absorbers for light-commercial vehicles, Monroe is a leading supplier of advanced-technology shocks for passenger cars, performance/offroad vehicles and heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Monroe also offers shock mounting and protection kits, gas springs for hatches and bonnets, coil springs and spheres, and steering and suspension parts for today’s passenger vehicles.

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