Thinkcar sees surge in demand for Thinktool Lite

The diagnostics tool is currently available for £495.00 plus VAT

Thinkcar sees surge in demand for Thinktool Lite

Thinkcar UK is seeing a strong demand for the Thinktool Lite as more technicians seek to add diagnostics capability to their own toolboxes. The entry-level tablet features a 6-inch HD touchscreen and comes with two years of updates included.

“We’re seeing the market evolve really quickly as there’s now so little technicians can do on modern vehicles without diagnostic and coding connectivity,” said Alex Gillbanks, managing director of Impact Diagnostics, the specialist supplier behind Thinkcar UK.

“The fundamental shift is that technicians themselves, rather than just garages, are now buying our entry level products in big numbers.”

Even recently, garages would traditionally look to select a premium diagnostics solution for the whole workshop to use, making it a considered piece of capital expenditure and a shared resource for all staff. Now it seems technicians themselves want something of their own as well.

“The Thinktool Lite won’t typically be the primary or only diagnostics tool in customers’ workshops but it’s priced at under £500, includes a printer and packs a lot of functionality, so it’s perfect as a second tool or even as a tool for every technician,” said Alex.

Reducing time waiting to share tools boosts productivity, whilst the low price reduces the risk, speeding customer decision-making and buying cycles – making it an easier sell for distributors in the process.

“Technicians look at the Thinktool Lite, see what it does and just understand it’s going to pay for itself within a few weeks,” said Alex. “It might be pocket-sized and it definitely won’t break the bank but the capabilities usually amaze people and match or exceed our competitors premium tools in many cases.”

The Thinkcar technology backbone ensures the Thinktool Lite packs an impressive performance. Full bi-directional capabilities mean users can diagnose a wide range of systems and can code and control ECUs, injectors, TPMS, windows, climate control and more. The range maintenance and reset functions includes ECU coding, actuation testing, adaptation, active testing and live data reading.

“If technicians are working on later BMWs for example, then the service reset alone means the Thinktool Lite quickly finds a place in the toolbox,” said Alex.

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