Dipstix help garages to boost reviews and unlock more work

Alongside proximity to the customer, reviews are the single most influential factor for customers

Dipstix help garages to boost reviews and unlock more work
Dipstix suggest TrustBay will benefit the earliest adopters the most, and are busy rolling it out to their garage network.

Dipstix, the website dedicated to helping motorists manage their cars, has launched a new service to help garages generate customer reviews.

TrustBay provides garages with a readymade point-of-sale review system, ideal for customer reception and waiting areas.

Reviews can be given whilst any customer is waiting, not just the ones referred through Dipstix.

TrustBay connects directly to the Dipstix cloud-based system so that the customer ratings and reviews left in the waiting room, are visible immediately on their online profile.

David Cederholm, Managing Director of Dipstix, said: “TrustBay is a really simple way for garages to build up more reviews, which we know means they will win a greater share of work in future.

“The other thing garages tell us is that it’s awkward or difficult getting reviews later, particularly from customers who aren’t regular web users, TrustBay removes these barriers completely.”

TrustBay will also be used for customers wishing to ‘fix now, pay later’ using their new FlexiFix interest-free credit product.

To find out more about the opportunities with Dipstix, call 0330 008 0361 or click ‘More Details’ below.

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