Distraught Buddhist slashes tyres on 162 cars after squashing bug

The Buddhist monk went on the rampage after accidentally killing an insect

Distraught Buddhist slashes tyres on 162 cars after squashing bug
The bare-footed Buddhist monk was caught on CCTV. Image credit: Humberside Police.

Julian Glew, 45, went on the three-day barefoot rampage because the killing of the insect went against his religious beliefs.

He destroyed 190 tyres on 162 cars parked in Pocklington, East Yorkshire.

Police believe that more cars were targeted but have gone unreported as owners believe it was just a normal flat tyre.

Vehicle technician, John Galley was inundated with jobs following the slashing spree, but said many of the tyres could not be repaired.

In an interview with ITV, he said: “Most weren’t obviously damaged, but were deflated and flat.

“You had to inflate them to find the damage that was usually a pin-prick, but it was damaged in such a way that the tyre wouldn’t repair.

“There was only certain types of repair that you can conduct on the tyre and generally speaking these were sidewall damage that meant it was a new tyre.”

Appearing before Beverley Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, Glew was sentenced to 11 weeks in prison.

District Judge Fred Rutherford said: “When interviewed by police he said he was angry and wanted to take his frustration out on society without hurting people.”

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