DPF cleaning shouldn’t be your last resort

DPF Clean Team raises concerns about illegal DPF removals and claims DPF cleaning can save £1000's

DPF cleaning shouldn’t be your last resort
DPFs became mandatory for all new diesel vehicles in 2009 and in 2014, the MOT test included a visual inspection to ensure the vehicle has a DPF in place.

The motor parts reconditioning specialist is stressing that DPF cleaning should never be a last resort following recently published research, which suggests that the amount of DPF-related jobs is on the increase.

Some workshops reported up to three DPF issues a week but the majority of garages will only contact a specialist cleaning company as a last resort, the findings show.

More concerning, the research found that some garages are still offering to remove or modify DPFs, an illegal practice that will cause a vehicle to fail an MOT test.

Cameron Bryce, Director of DPF Clean Team, explained: “With the amount of DPF-related work at garages increasing, we are keen to work with the sector to help educate them on how to deal with a blocked DPF.

“Charging customers for replacement DPFs, or pouring numerous treatments into the filter in an attempt to clear a blockage is not necessarily the best way to solve a DPF issue.

“Many treatments and machine-based systems are unable to produce the same results as specialist cleaning equipment and it can be far more expensive to remove and remap the DPF than clean the filter, which can be done for just a few hundred pounds.”

DPF Clean Team say many will surprised to learn that a replacement DPF for a Hyundai Santa Fe costs £2,500 on average, but a professional clean can be performed for as little as £250.

Bryce said: “Many motorists are unaware that they are the ones held responsible when a DPF has been removed, and will subsequently fail an MOT.

“Just because the DPF warning light flashes on the dashboard, that doesn’t always mean the filter is blocked but if it is, then a professional clean should be the first resort solution for garages that strive to deliver exceptional customer service, not an afterthought.”

Illustrating the cost savings that garages can make for their customers, DPF Clean Team has released a money saving infographic.

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