DVSA launch pilot for new MOT qualification

The IMI is to pilot the new qualification for MOT managers and testers from April 2016

DVSA launch pilot for new MOT qualification
If the pilot is successful, all new MOT testers and managers will have to have this qualification before they can provide a testing service.

The current DVSA MOT tester scheme is to be replaced by a new system that will ensure all testers are trained and equipped with the necessary skills to complete a vehicles annual MOT.

Due to be rolled out in three phases from April, pilot volunteers who already offer in-house training to their staff will add the MOT tester and manager qualifications to their portfolio of courses.

Phase two and three, taking place throughout May and June 2016, will focus on larger training providers along with the remaining volunteers who will begin a provision of a paid for qualification.

DVSA head of education, Dave Easton said: “We believe that the step changes we’ve introduced with each tranche of training providers will allow us to perfect the overall delivery of new qualifications that will professionalise the roles of MOT managers and testers forever.”

More than 500 people are expected to take part in the pilot which aims to ensure that the training providers are familiar with the course materials, as well as the general principles of the MOT test.

This pilot will also make sure the training process meets DVSA requirements in producing well-informed testers who are able to meet the requirements of the qualification.

IMI CEO, Steve Nash said: “With over 600 Approved Centres IMI is equipped to help the motor trade make the most of this new scheme.

“IMI is committed to giving car owners the confidence that the vehicle technician carrying out their annual MOT has the right qualifications and training.”

To find out more about the IMI, click ‘more details’ below.

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