Electronic vehicle checks to help independents beat the competition

Experts say Electronic Vehicle Health Check systems could drive additional work

Electronic vehicle checks to help independents beat the competition
Paper-based check lists are "OK" for immediate action work, but fail to help with follow up work unless you are extremely organised, experts say. Image credit: Bigstock.

Independent garages should compete with national fast fits and dealers by offering electronic health service checks, according to Quite Unlimited, the company behind GISMO, a new garage management system.

In a recent press release, Quite Unlimited said: “It seems that staying on top of the process can be hard going when everything is paper-based which is why the electronic versions are so popular with the larger dealers but the added expense and complication seems to deter the smaller independent.

“All in all they are a productive and profitable part of their operation, in fact recent studies have shown that the additional work often generated more than pays for the system cost.”

Electronic Vehicle Health Checks (EVHC) systems help garages to drive additional work and can form part of a productive and profitable operation.

Quite Unlimited say that paper-based systems are “OK” for immediate work but can often get lost or forgotten about when it comes to follow-up jobs.

GISMO has been designed with integrated EVHC, providing garages with a quick, easy and flexible system.

He said: “GISMO is at a price point where even the smallest garage, one-man-band or mobile mechanic can afford it.

“By including the EVHC capability it means that the complete system cost can be usually be recovered within a job or two, and so it removes the concern from those that know they should have a management system but worry about the cost.”

Select ‘more details’ below to find out more about GISMO and to try it for free for a month.

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