Two brands, one business: TSG Motors

How the success of Servicesure led to the opening of a second garage workshop for independent business

Two brands, one business: TSG Motors
Tony Shoard, owner of TSG Motors, put some of his business success down to his relationship with his local factor.

Having been in business for more than 28 years, TSG Motors has built a strong reputation for a wide range of services.

It employs seven staff, four of which are family members, and caters to wide range of vehicle repairs and servicing.

Recently, TSG has opened up a second workshop to streamline the business and increase workflow.

Tony Shoard, owner of TSG Motors started his career as a vehicle technician and worked at a dealership before making the break and going it alone as an independent.

His family business has since expanded with success and is now split across two sites: a Servicesure branded fast fit centre, next door to the original TSG mechanical workshop.

Intrigued to find out more about the unique setup, GW asked Tony what had prompted him to run part of his business under a separate brand.

“We’ve been a Servicesure member ever since it started,” he explained.

“We were originally running from just one workshop, but we found that we were missing out on the amount of work Servicesure could actually bring to us.”

“We worked out that we could run a business on the amount of work that we turned away, so we decided to open up a Servicesure workshop as a fast fit centre alongside our motor engineer’s workshop…”

This article first featured in Garage Wire Views, click here to find out why Tony has split his business with two brands.

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