Enhanced wiring diagrams available from Autodata

336 technical diagrams added to range for workshops

Enhanced wiring diagrams available from Autodata
Autodata’s wiring diagrams are now more interactive.

Every 7.5 seconds a technician views a wiring diagram, according to Autodata.

Autodata has completely revamped the design of their wiring diagram module, by enhancing the navigation to save technicians time.

Autodata’s wiring diagrams are now more interactive, giving technicians the ability to search and locate a specific component within the diagram.

New features such as the ‘find on diagram’ button, the zoom and drag-scroll functions, and the enhanced component information panel, facilitate easier access to the specific information technicians need on any diagram.

As well as providing workshops with the flexibility to work across various devices by being mobile and desktop friendly, the new design optimises the visibility of the wiring diagrams by giving technicians the ability to make them full-screen.

With the enhancements to Autodata’s wiring diagrams, it’s now more convenient for technicians to work straight from devices.

‘Saves technicians valuable time’

Mark Trepte, director of content and operation at Autodata, said: “We are creating diagrams at the fastest rate ever.

“Even though our technology and innovative processes are second to none, it still takes our wiring diagram team a considerable amount of time to prepare diagrams for the workshop application.

“Our wiring diagrams are all drawn directly from manufacturer circuit diagrams and transformed into Autodata’s easy-to-use, standardised, and interactive format that saves technicians valuable time.

“The accuracy of each diagram is vital, so our rigorous and systematic procedures ensure that the information workshops receive is always precise.”

At beginning of this year, Autodata pledged to introduce one new technical feature every month.

Just three months into 2017, Autodata has launched three new time saving features and made 49 enhancements to existing key features in the workshop application.

Workshops that subscribe to Autodata have access to manufacturer approved technical information, with 99.9 per cent of vehicle models covered.

Autodata’s ongoing advancements are designed by industry professionals to enhance workshop efficiency and competitiveness.

To try Autodata today, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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