EU to tighten rules of ‘real world’ diesel emissions

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association say new tests will phase out diesels earlier than planned

EU to tighten rules of ‘real world’ diesel emissions
Lobby says will cause early phase-out of some diesel cars while some politicians have said the deal is too weak.

European Union countries have agreed a compromise deal that would still allow diesel vehicles on the road to emit twice the level of toxic nitrous oxides (NOx) permitted by official limits measured in laboratories after the VW emissions scandal put ‘real world’ emissions into the spotlight.

Currently some diesels are emitting four to five times more NOx than official limits.

By 2020, the emissions from all new models must not be greater than 1.5 times the technical limit – the same rule will apply to all new vehicles from 2021.

Responding to the news, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) which represents firms including Volkswagen, said the deal was ‘challenging’.

In a statement, the ACEA said: “As a direct consequence, a substantial number of diesel models will have to be phased out earlier than planned.

Challenging targets

“As well as having serious economic implications, this will make it more challenging for manufacturers to meet the 2021 targets for CO2 emission reductions, since diesel engines emit 15-20 per cent less CO2 than comparable petrol engines.”

Erik Jonnaert, ACEA secretary general, said: “Over the past years, policy initiated by the EU institutions has focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in the most stringent targets for CO2 emissions from passenger cars in the world.

“The automobile industry is ready to engage with Europe’s policy makers to examine how to reconcile higher air quality standards with ambitious climate change policies.”

Announcing the deal, the European Commission’s EU executive, said it meant that from early next year the EU would be the first region in the world to start phasing in tests of new vehicles on real roads and not just in laboratories.

What’s your response to the EU testing deal? Will it really phase out diesels sooner than anticipated? If so, what will this mean for you and your customers?

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